Astrid Mattes

is a political scientist and scholar of religion and leads the YouBeOn project at the Institute for Urban and Regional Research at the Austrian Academy of the Sciences. She teaches at the Universities of Vienna and Innsbruck and works on her habilitation in Religious Studies.

In her research Astrid focuses on questions of cohabitation in (religiously) diverse (urban) societies, on governance of diversity in liberal democracies, on Islam in Europe and the intersection of migration and religion.

Christoph Novak

is a political scientist and responsible for the collection and analysis of YouBeOn data. Apart from working in this capacity at the Institute for Urban and Regional Research, he teaches Austrian and EU Politics at the University of Vienna.

As part of his dissertation, Christoph conducted a participatory photo interview project with young Muslims in Zurich and Vienna. Before that, he studied political science in Vienna and completed an MA in Culture, Diaspora, Ethnicity at Birkbeck College, University of London. His research has been mainly focused on narrative research as well as urbanity, diversity and youth culture.

Miriam Haselbacher

is a political scientist at the Institute for Urban and Regional Research and supports YouBeOn with her first-hand expertise in conducting qualitative social research projects. Before working at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, she was employed at the Department of Poltiical Science (University of Vienna), where she focused on the local dimensions of asylum and integration policies.


Katharina Limacher

is a researcher of religions and contributes to YouBeOn with her expertise on religious communities. Katharina works at the interdisciplinary research centre „Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society" at the University of Vienna. Apart from working as a lecturer in religious studies, her research focuses on the intersection of religion, society and migration. This includes research on Hindu-communities in Europe, social theory of religion, and questions of the relation of politics and religion.

Shirin Abdolvahab (former team member)

studies political science at the University of Vienna and works as an intern at YouBeOn. In this capacity she works on many different assignments, including (yet not limited to) reviewing scientific literature, preparing and processing the interviews, and attending to our social media accounts and the YouBeOn webpage.

Technical Implementation and Graphic Design

Markus Hasenberger

is our IT-expert developing the YouBeOn-application, which will highlight the multiple connections between on- and offline life worlds drawn from the data. Being also an astrophysicist in the making, we are excited to explore where his application will take us.

Eva Rauer

is a graphic designer and the creative mind behind the unique YouBeOn design. Eva did not only create the YouBeOn logo and is the one responsible for the look of the homepage, she is also gave our Instagram content it’s trademark look.

Ludwig Maximilian Breuer (former team member)

is a linguist with an emphasis on Digital Humanities working at the ACDH-CH. Bringing in expertise from the humanities and social sciences, as well as from IT he coordinates the technical development of the homepage and the YouBeOn-application.

Scientific advisors

Those are the external advisors, which support the YouBeOn Team with their distinguished expertise:

Prof. Martin Baumann

University of Lucerne

Professor of Religious Studies,
Head of the Department of Religious Studies

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Dr. Giulia Evolvi

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Post-Doctoral Scholar, Research on Religion and Media

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Prof. Naika Foroutan

HU Berlin

Professor of Social Sciences,
Director of the Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research

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Prof. Viera Pirker

Goethe University Frankfurt

Professor of Pedagogy of Religion and Media Dedactics

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Prof. Lukas Pokorny

University of Vienna

Professor of Religious Studies,
Head of the Department of Religious Studies

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